Monday, March 16, 2009

quiet but productive!

I'm sure all five of you were waiting with bated breath for my next post, right? Sorry to keep you waiting, I've been busy with work, birthdays, kids and SPRING (though I'm bracing for the inevitable big March/April snowstorm...). Here are my latest two books, 8 pages each and the best of boy stuff:

This one's a last name book to go with an already existing first name book. I love the science theme!:
:These were a lot of fun (and work!) and came out so well. I'm excited to send them off today! That R2-D2 just kills me, I'm definitely going to do a Star Wars alphabet.
And speaking of alphabets, here's something new in the shop:
I made these little individual upper/lower case letter quilts a while back and though people seemed to love them they didn't sell. A couple of people remarked that it would be cool to buy them all and use them as a border in a nursery or child's room. I thought this was brilliant and finally got around to stringing them all (in 3 individual strings for versatility in hanging). I kind of love them hanging on a wall in my in-construction studio so I won't be heartbroken if no one buys them! And I'd love to make a set of these for Tigerlily's school.
Off to the park with the boy; I hope it's as beautiful where you are as it is here!


  1. Yeah, about time you post! Kidding Kidding! :) Your new stuff is fab! I, too, have been distracted with this nice weather. Plus I've been frantically trying to prepare tax info for our Thursday meeting with the tax man. I'm dreading it due to closing a business last year and the info being so confusing. I'm sure he will think my husband and I are complete idiots. But, we can't all be accounting genius's right? I should see if he can hook a rug and that will put him in his place! ha! Anyway, great job. I'm so glad for you that your talent is being utilized!

  2. your work just keeps getting better and better. these new ones are amazing! so detailed and i adore the science one. and you could make a million with a star wars book. also, battlestar galatica. i don't watch it myself but some friends are obsessed.

  3. I hadn't realized how much I've come to rely on my Van der Laan views, so yes I was missing your posts. So excited to see the awesome new work you've been doing, great job! Love the R2

  4. I like, especially, the bongos and r2d2, but my favorite is Uranus--what a lot of work and the background cloth is great! Glad you've been enjoying spring. Yesterday while walking, I wondered when the redwing blackbirds would return. Today they are here!!!

  5. Forgot--the alphabet looks great and would be a wonderful gift for the school! S

  6. Oh, my! These are FANTASTIC, Vic!!! You must be having such fun.
    We're off to Fla. ... kises to our "babies."

  7. with each new book i remark "this is the best one she's ever done!" you seriously rock.

  8. I agree with Leah--each book is better than the last!
    Just now (Tues. 3 PM) saw the pictures of the kids. I just want to hug them-miss and love them so much!