Tuesday, March 24, 2009

out of the city!

With the help of good 'ole Auntie Jill we made it out of the city today, to Five Rivers, a local childhood favorite. I was thrilled that, for the first time in my life-with-kids I didn't have to carry anyone, not on my back, in a sling, or in my arms! It was so nice to get out, get a little muddy and have fun with the kids in a different environment. Thanks, Auntie Jill!
Of course, first we got ice cream. The chill and the wind weren't going to stop us--that's what hats are for, right?
Upon arrival at Five Rivers Lyric found many pine cones that needed inspecting.
So funny to remember a little baby Tigerlily who was afraid of pine cones. I mean, terrified. She's not always as tough as she looks. Case in point:
She's really scared of geese. With good reason, I think; they're pretty mean. Today she was running ahead of us over some drumlins when all of a sudden she came running back screaming--this pair of geese was in one of the dips and she nearly ran into them. She only recovered once Lyric and I chased them out of the path. "Go away big chickens!" yelled Lyric.

And while I have so much work to do and am kind of missing my full days of work time while Skye is picking up more work, it was such a good day with my kiddos and my best gal.

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  1. I remember the scary pine cones. What a funny girl. Glad you got to play today. "Go Away big chickens"--I love it! Such a nice picture of big sister, little brother walking hand in hand.