Custom Book Pricing

New Prices in effect for 2015 (change in progress)

Here you will find the general formula I use for pricing custom books.  My goal is to be as flexible as possible to make a book that you will love at a price you can afford and I am always happy to work with clients in depth to come up with the perfect thing.  I accept payment plans and am always open to discussing trades.

A list of all stock images can be found here.  Some of my most popular custom combinations can be found in my shop (soon!).  If you'd like one of these you can go ahead and purchase and I will be in touch shortly to work out all of the details. Please contact me at or through my Etsy shop if you would like a quote on custom images or if you have any other questions.

Price for base book (no images/embroidery)
6 page: $30
8 page: $38
10 page: $44
12 page: $52
14 page: $58

Price per image
Basic (included in price of listings in Etsy shop): $10
Complex/custom: $15
Most complex: $20

Price per page for embroidery
Single word/phrase: $3
Bilingual: $6

Cover Style

Initial: $8

Full name appliqué: $12
**For a book spelling out a name throughout the pages (initial letter of each word appliqued) please add
$2 per letter, e.g.:

*A simple dedication can be added to the back cover free of charge.

Some examples of the different levels of images:





The full list of stock images can be found here.  Pictures can be supplied upon request.