Sunday, March 22, 2009

busy, busy bee

I've been working hard and hope to have lots and lots over the next week or two to show for it. Here's a glimpse at the lastest (I could not get a good picture today...):
:A Danish/English book. I really love doing bilingual books not only because I love languages but I love learning more about the world. With this book I learned a lot about vikings (and realize I want to learn a lot more about them, they were really interesting!), I learned that Denmark has the oldest flag in Europe, and I learned that Greenland is actually a part of Denmark (or the Kingdom of Denmark, more accurately)! Is this common knowledge and I've just been in the dark all this time?


  1. The blue background cloth for the skib/ship is perfect--just like waves. First crocuses in Lancaster today (down the street). S

  2. love this book, just arrived and thor does too!