Saturday, March 21, 2009

no longer in training

Well, it's official. My little girl isn't a baby anymore. Today she decided she would ride her bike without the training wheels and she hasn't looked back since.
Of course, she has yet to fully master steering and her method of stopping is jumping off the bike without slowing down first.
perfect dismount
At first I thought it was kind of cute and then she ran head-on into her little brother (who, himself a happy little wrecking ball, recovered within moments to resume his game of catch with Dad).
We'll have to work on that, but for now I don't want to slow her down, she's SO excited.

And as sad as it is to realize that my little baby is gone I'm pretty excited to see what new things this big girl comes up with. There's something new every day!


  1. Congrats on the bike riding, Tigerlily! She looks like she's doing a ballet position--is she? Time for dance lessons again?? I love the football with the cherry pants. Lyric looks pretty excited too!
    Love you all, Nana

  2. Oh, my goodness! Lilybelle looks SO HAPPY!! Is that dismount a Grand Plié? I miss the kids so much!! Give them lots of hugs and kisses from Grammy. Lots of love to you and Skye, too.
    By the way, Victoria, your latest book is unbelievalbe!