Saturday, February 21, 2009

wine, women and song...and Pictionary

Last night some girlfriends and I got together to celebrate the 30th birthday of one of our own. It was a much-needed night of wine, excellent vegan food (including some amazing quinoa and chik pea-stuffed zucchini by our resident chef, some delectable leftover Valentine's Day sweet potato-based truffles by the birthday girl, and black bean and sweet potato burritos by yours truly) and so much laughter (Pictionary was played. Enough said). Man, we need to do that more often.
Today has been really chill. While Skye and some neighborhood buddies enjoyed some serious man-time sheetrocking the ceilings of our soon-to-be apartment the kids and I enjoyed a delicious breakfast at the monthly cafe at the Free School. From there Tigerlily went to her friend Aurora's and Lyric and I read books until he fell asleep in my lap and I took the opportunity to read some hand-me-down tabloids (my secret pleasure). I've been working my butt off and this was a much needed respite. I hope you're relaxing this weekend, as well!


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