Friday, February 6, 2009


I'm bored, over-tired and buzzing with coffee and Lyric is (at least momentarily) occupied in solo play, but I have no new work to report. Instead I thought I would share some of my favorite music these days. So here it is, by no means all-inclusive but a bit of a cross-section of what I listen to while sewing:

The Magnetic Fields, and all of Stephin Meritt's side projects. Seriously, this is the best band in the world. I almost peed my pants when we saw them in Northampton last year.

PJ Harvey--always. Everything she has ever done is brilliant, in my humble opinion. If I could be anyone in the whole world it would be her.

Santogold--it's rare to feel like music is really fresh. She is SO fresh. And looking for a link to her music I discovered that she's just a few days older than me. That's one way to make me feel like I haven't done much with my life!

Lady Sovereign--hilarious and fun. Tigerlily loves her, too.

The Evens--already mentioned here. Great music and message. (this clip is FANTASTIC--when will the Evens kid's album be out?)

Aceyalone--the most amazing lyricist ever. Again, in my humble opinion.

Mates of State--so, so great. You're singing along, right? How can you not? (I totally want to party with the guys in this clip but I could never keep up)

Busdriver--another good lyricist. He also uses really interesting arrangements.

Avenue Q Soundtrack I can't get enough of this. Beware of some bleeped profanity in this clip.

...And of course there is so much more, but it's lunchtime!

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  1. Well I'm out of the loop, I don't know really any of these people/groups! I'm jotting them down for further research...thanks!