Tuesday, February 3, 2009

back to work

Well, we all seem to have fully recovered, partly thanks to a large dose of this from our local library:

Ugh. I made myself not worry about all of the work I had planned on finishing this weekend while doting on a very sick kid and now I'm overcompensating. Lyric is at a friend's, Tigerlily's at school and I'm trying to catch up! If all goes well it will only be another week before the big switch in Skye's and my work schedule. He'll be doing small jobs in the neighborhood and slightly beyond for pay and trade and my work schedule will expand greatly. But even before then I've got some serious work to get done! I need to get a handle on my custom work and spend some quality time developing some really cool ideas for ready-made stuff (thanks to a wonderful and very creative new friend!) and stocking up for summer craft shows.

Pile 'o work in progress:

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  1. It's a constant struggle, balancing it all isn't it? I know you can do it, we are women afterall... :)