Tuesday, June 1, 2010

sew and staple

I upholstered something!!

We got these really cool vintage chairs for free from a friend and we use them as our kitchen chairs. They were already a bit grungy but after several spills of yogurt and milk I decided it was finally time to reupholster. I considered making removable covers and then I thought of the perfect upholstered kitchen chair solution--VINYL!

These were super easy to upholster, though pulling all of those staples from the seats took some time and elbow grease. After I removed the fabric from the seat (and discarded the crumbling, gross foam, eeeew) I ripped the seams and used the two component pieces as patterns to cut the vinyl. Just one seam to sew per chair and the rest is stapled. So simple! And just the thing for our kitchen.

Though it pained me a bit to buy new foam to replace the old it really had to be done. All told we spent $75 on the materials for this project. Not too shabby for 4 totally awesome newly upholstered kitchen chairs!


  1. Wonderful! Yes, although buying new foam STINKS, I think you've made a very sound investment. These look fabulous, and I love your clever captions. ("Eew" is my favorite.)

  2. They are gorgeous. Great job! I agree - totally worth it for a smokin' set of 'new' chairs.

  3. they look gorgeous! love the colour! : )

  4. they are awesome and also very comfortable! thanks for having me over tonight :)

  5. This is a wonderful blog. I love the chairs even more now that I know you upholstered them yourself! I admire how creatively you live your life--it really does show in every nook and cranny of your place! Thanks for having me over.