Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thursday Thrifting

Another fruitful week of thrifting!

be still, my heart!



I can't pass up good (or cute) reference books

to keep the flies at bay

rounding out some collections

bought as a lot but I really just need the cups for our picnic set

...And then there is this beauty. I cannot pass a piece of needlework like this by, it just breaks my heart to see someone's handiwork cast aside like this. Look at all of that detail! I found this in a box of random junk, coated in dust, and bought it for $1. I've already hung it next to our kitchen table and love to look at it each mealtime.

Please, if you see a piece like this at a tag sale, save it from an unjust fate of neglect and disregard! Grab it and add some warmth and character to your home.


  1. my heart stopped when i saw that gorgeous blue sewing are you kidding? i am in love!!! i have never seen anything like that.

  2. Yes--FREE!! I can't pass a vintage sewing machine by without at least a look-over, but I had made a vow not to buy any more (I have several that I've collected thinking I will learn to restore them). But the lady rushed over and told me to take it so I couldn't refuse! It even (mostly) works!!

  3. lovely finds! that underwood is incredible and also quite valuable! i have large dinner plates like the salad/sandwich ones. do you need them?

  4. Abi--I would love to talk about those dinner plates! I have a million little ones and I love them but it seems difficult to find larger ones...

    I still can't believe I got that Underwood. I felt kind of like I was robbing the woman, it was only $15!

  5. You have a great eye! Also, I love the bag you made for Mike--such a sweet gift.