Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Thursday Thrifting

The addiction continues...

more typewriters

just like the one I remember as a kid

vintage yellow pyrex bowl, filled briefly with roadside blackberries

the perfect stamped embroidery piece for Lil, with pouch

soon, I hope, this wall will be covered with pieces of embroidery!


  1. You must live in the land of the BEST thrift shops ever!!! Mine just have broken Dora the Explorer toys and acrylic Bill Cosby sweaters...

  2. Ooooh, you have some very nice things here... My favorite is the little green purse but your wall of embroideries is very cool too!

    Hope you are well. :)

  3. How on Earth do you find so much amazing stuff?! I seem to be endlessly hunting in my local charity shops and I find treasures like these very, very rarely.

  4. I think I just live in the land where folks don't know what they have and sell their stuff for wicked cheap.

    Also, I definitely rely most heavily on garage/yard/tag sales, most of which I find on Craigslist. I'll write a post soon outlining my technique ;)

  5. Oh my! That embroidered birch piece must have been a hot item back in the day, because a friend of mine has it hanging on his wall too. Only he hung it backwards (and perhaps upside-down?) because he liked it better. It kind of looks like a landscape freakout, which is very cool!

  6. i love everything you found. esp that green wallet..

  7. Love the flower sampler! S.

  8. i love the embroidery wall, it's perfect!
    ps - we are now linking to you on our sidebar under blogs we love:)