Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Summer already?!?

I'm in full-on freak out mode this week, coming to grips with the fact that school is over on Friday and that beyond lies a whole summer with the kids home and very little planned. Why does it always sneak up on me like this?

In addition to trying to ready myself for the coming months I have teacher gifts to make!! Here's a little sneak peek:

:The kids go to such a small school and have a relationship with all of the teachers so I always like to give them all something. It works better when I don't put it off until the last minute, of course. I'll reveal the full project next week.

Then I'll need to get really creative to keep the kids happy and myself sane through the summer. What are you planning for the summer? I could use some ideas!


  1. we're planning on coming to visit you guys again! can't wait to see your teacher projects. jorn only has two teachers in his whole school but one is a guy and i always struggle with guy teachers. do make for them too?

  2. Hooray, we would love to see you again (and meet the rest of your brood :)! I hear you about the guy teachers--there are three at the Free School but I tell myself that they are enlightened men and can handle some non-traditionally masculine things. Or give them to their female partners ;)