Saturday, June 19, 2010

85 Days of Summer

Here we are, one week in! It's been a busy one...

On Monday we spent some time at a local orchard, picking strawberries and feeding the animals.

On Tuesday we walked up a couple of blocks to visit the State Museum. We saw our favorite exhibits, rode the carousel, got a hot dog from the cart outside and took a stroll through a newly renovated cathedral on the way home. The kids finished out the day with a bike ride with Dad before bed.

On Wednesday the weather was pretty icky so we stuck around the house, did some painting, read some books, watched Ponyo, and made ricotta gnocchi for dinner. Yum!

On Thursday we did a bunch of errands and played outside a bit.

On Friday we took Skye to work, hung out at Grammy's a bit, and played outside at Uncle Jim's. Lyric loves the forest of blueberries!

On Saturday we went thrifting in the morning, took a bike ride along the river and ended the day with dinner with some great friends.

On Sunday we went out to Grammy and Grandpa's for a Father's Day celebration with my brothers and their families. Unfortunately Lyric kept losing steam until he was deemed officially feverish. This kid never gets sick and I imagine he'll be good as new in the morning but for now I'm enjoying the cuddling!

Summer officially begins tomorrow--here's to a summer full of new experiences and hopefully at least a little bit of relaxing!!


  1. sounds like a wonderful week...except for the sick kiddo. my kids loved the movie Ponyo. watched it over and over and could not get enough. i cant help myself when i read your blog. i try to figure where you are, we just recently moved further south, but lived in Troy for several years.

  2. Hi Leslie! We're just a couple blocks down from the Governor's Mansion in downtown Albany, very close to the Plaza. We're lucky that we can walk pretty much anywhere downtown, though it would be nice if there were more places to walk to. We also lived in Saugerties when my youngest was born--are you further south than that?

    And yes, Ponyo is fantastic. Both of my kids will eat ham now because of it :)

  3. this is such a wonderful batch of photos! can you believe how big those girls of ours look?

  4. Wonderful pictures! Looks like you've been VERY busy! Continue to have fun, but don't wear yourselves out! The picture of Lil in the Cathedral is great--it's so big, she's so small! Did she pose? She looks so peaceful! Love ya' all, Nana

  5. I wanna have a van der Laan summer! Kids are getting so much older looking-hope you guys are enjoying your first week of summer. Happy Anniversary!!