Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thursday Thrifting

This week we thrifted lots of stuff for the kitchen:

the sweetest ceramic electric tea kettle ever! ($1)

vintage hollow rolling pin (50¢)

pretty yellow bowls in a great small-but-not-too-small size (50¢ each)
pretty vintage saucepans ($5 for a set of 3)

Georges Briard stockpot ($3)

set of 6 red milk glass mugs ($3)

Anchor Hocking large casserole ($1)

big, beautiful bowl ($3)

enameled saucepan (50¢)

refrigerator storage (50¢)

tiny little metal trays (I keep finding these and can't resist!) ($1.50 for 8)

The grand total: $19.50!! I think I'm getting good at this :)


  1. great finds! the saucepots are so pretty!

  2. wow, score! I especially love the electric teapot - so cute.

  3. hooray! i love your great finds. esp the red enamel saucepan. ive got a collection of those going, my favorite is a giant oval shaped bowl. i use it to wash fresh berries in. its such a constant in my kitchen, and now i live overseas and its the one thing i miss most. xx

  4. Thanks, guys! I keep thinking that my luck is going to run out, but I seem to be on a roll!

    Angelina--I think I would trade in all of my awesome finds to be able to live in Australia for a while ;)

  5. S-O J-E-A-L-O-U-S.
    You must take me sometime!
    Your BFF

  6. I can't wait to go on some of these excursions with you. Will you share with me some of your secret places? Please!

  7. i love thrift shopping too! used to do a lot of it when i lived in australia..