Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thursday Thrifting

You can find my SMS giveaway here. Hurry! You have until the end of today to enter :)

Our thrifting this past week was all about the vintage fabric and supplies with a couple fun surprises (of course!).

nearly 4 yards, and only 25¢

a major score (and crazy deal) at our local embroiderer's guild biennial shop

another collection (read: obsession) begun

a cool little metal cart (50¢), soon to be spray painted

they fit Skye! watch out, roller derby...


  1. Ok, I'm jealous! (and I'm really not the type :)
    25c for the gingham? I am in love with red gingham at the moment. And I don't even want to know how little you paid for the rest of the fabric!
    Great find! Congrats!

  2. Where'd you get all this great stuff?!

    Also, fyi, they are having big garage sale every Sat AM in Troy at the Marketplace at Hill & Liberty Street. In May and possibly June if things work out. (Don't forget to hit the farmers' market while you're in town!)

  3. Wow! That gingham and calico is so cute, what a find! And of course those roller blades too!

  4. Wow, that gingham and the price you paid is making me green! I couldn't find gingham that color anywhere when I needed it! I ended up paying $8 online to get just 2 yards!

  5. great finds. i love that cart