Wednesday, April 8, 2009

something to make me smile

During that crazy bad, knock-me-down week one of the many, many things that went wrong was our coffeemaker giving up the ghost. This is a seemingly small thing but it definitely sent us (both) over the edge. We only just got a replacement yesterday, a good old-fashioned french press. And, of course, I promptly made a cozy for it.
I used a vintage, hand-pieced feed sack quilt block from the 30's (I picked up a bunch of these on eBay a while back for precisely this kind of thing) on a linen ground, 2 layers of batting, some thrifted elastic and vintage buttons. It all went together just like a page in my books, though in my haste I made it a wee bit too short. I suppose I'll just have to make another one. And many more for gifts--so, who's got a french press?


  1. that is really pretty. i considered making a cozy for my french press, but i drink the coffee too fast to really need one. but maybe i'll just start making cozies for everything in my kitchen.

  2. This is just lovely. You should add it to your shop, it would make a perfect hostess gift or an anytime gift.