Sunday, April 5, 2009

beauty from pain

Despite this being a particularly difficult week I was able to finish 5 lovely books.

These four will be on their way to a customer in New Orleans. She asked me to create books depicting a sweet little family lullaby to give to her daughter, nieces and Mother for Easter.

She also ordered a book for her sister who makes and sells beautiful jewelry (I love what she does with bits of vintage lace and other findings). It was fun to make a "grown up" book, with linen and more fine embroidery.

The fifth book is a "Family" book and was ordered by a friend of mine for another friend's baby shower. I've been meaning to add this option to my shop but haven't found the time. These are perfect to give as shower gifts before the baby is named (and really special keepsakes anytime). I can include pages for the mom, dad, siblings, pets, house, or anything else, really. In general I leave a space on the baby's page to add a patch with the baby's name once it's decided.


  1. These are amazing! You really do beautiful work under pressure.

  2. I agree with Jill. Love the woman in the garden and the peaches and milk ones especially. Wishing better times ahead. Love, S

  3. What a beautiful bunch of books. Great job!!!! You perfectly depicted the images on the website for the jewelry book.

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