Thursday, April 16, 2009

all at once

I really have been working. Working hard, and nearly constantly. Walking to the park with the kids, embroidery in hand. Cutting bits of appliques in the car on the weekly errand run (Skye driving, I'm not that crazy). And the second the kids hit the hay I've been hitting the sewing machine (and the bottle...just kidding). But for the longest time it felt like I didn't have much to show for it. And then, this week, I finally finished a bunch of projects I have been working on for some time now, all at once.
These 6 comprise my first wholesale order! These headed out earlier in the week to DHARA Naturals in NYC.

The 3 British Words books are all pretty much the same, same fabrics, same images.

The Earth books have the same images but I made them each with a different accent color (blue, green and red) to go with the interior browns.

I am thrilled to be branching out to wholesale and am excited to pursue this avenue further. I have to admit that I was sad to see these babies go, they came out so wonderfully!

I also finished a couple of books that were ordered by my dear (and very patient!) friend Krista forever ago. They are a collection of different things in each child's/family's life and I kind of love the randomness of them.
And finally the book in trade for my mother's beautiful pendant.

I have to say it's pretty satisfying to see all of the books I made all layed out together like this. Sometimes I imagine how cool it would be to see the hundreds of books I've made (in just one year!) all together, to make a little library of them. A cloth book reunion. If only I had the time to make a cloth book library all my own....


  1. Oh my stars!! These are AWESOME! love them all.
    totally diggin italy, I don't think it ever looked better :)

  2. You have been working hard!!! Love, especially, the covers of the "earth" books and the river. S