Monday, April 27, 2009

shake a tail feather

It's official (and about time with only 5 days to go!): Tigerlily's 6th birthday party will be of the dancing variety.

Normally Tigerlily and I collaborate on invitations but this year I just need to get the word out so I threw something together on the old computer, printed on cardstock, rounded corners (ah, the wonders of the corner-rounder...) and stamped the bottoms with some birds from Lil's stamp collection. Easy peasy and still satisfies my diy sensibilities.

We'll be pumping the tunes from the window of our soon-to-be new place which backs onto the People's Park, actually a privately owned vacant lot that our neighborhood community has been steadily beautifying. A beautiful, clay wood-fired oven was built there just before our arrival in the community and has been such an amazing asset; we were there for a neighborhood dinner just last night and will be firing it up for pizzas during Lil's party.

Free school work party and Lyric at the bread oven

There will be pizza, dancing, and cake (I'm thinking of making a rainbow cake, though cupcakes would be MUCH more practical). Instead of the ubiquitous pinata I am going to make goodie bags and a few things to put in them. And, of course, a dance mix for everyone to take home!

In other news, I was featured on The Daily Stroll today!! Thanks so much, Lizzie!