Saturday, April 25, 2009

the giving tree

I've taken the past few days off. Well, off of work, the work that I seem to have been doing day and night for months, at least. A few nights back, after tucking the kiddies into bed, I felt the first twinges of annoyance at the prospect of settling into yet another night of work. I'm actually kind of amazed that this is the first I've felt this twinge, but I decided to back off a bit and come back to work refreshed (as refreshed as I can be in the midst of a too-small apartment being packed up for our move down the road). I've enjoyed the few days away from book-making though I could not bear to keep my hands completely idle--I crocheted 4 new dishcloths and made some more headway on Tigerlily's knitted log cabin blanket. I couldn't completely abandon sewing, either, so I started on Tigerlily's birthday dress (only a week until my baby turns 6!!).
Besides, it was too beautiful all week to be inside sewing! I spent a ton of time outside with the kids, building garden beds, planting peas, participating in two Earth Day tree plantings (one to replace a beloved tree in the swing park.

Graham hanging the pinata for Tigerlily's 4th birthday party.

the enchanting stump dance

helping to plant a new tree

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  1. That was a wonderful tree! Why did they cut it down? Glad you helped replant the pinata tree. Happy summer! Love S