Friday, January 2, 2009

Point one: Start a blog

Well, all the other kids are doing it so why not me? I have a lot to learn and am currently in test mode so luckily no one knows about this right now.

First I'll see if I can make pictures appear....

...well, there I am, but not where I thought I would be--oh, I can totally move it around! Sweet!! Does it always take 5 minutes to upload a photo? I'll try again....

Alright, this ain't so hard. This, by the way, is a picture of the two very first cloth books I made about a year ago. They're the only two that have serged edges, which I now think looks so unfinished! Sorry Miriam and Josie!!

Okay, so a blog it is. Maybe this will encourage me to start writing again, for real!


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