Monday, January 12, 2009

awesome customer + vintage fabric = true love forever!

I officially have the best customers ever.

My new friend Tracy ordered a really killer rock-themed book for her friend's baby. Here's an image from the book I made for her:

Yup, that's the Abbey Road album cover. Measuring about 3" x 3" this baby is a tiny little feat of amazing strength. The whole book turned out really great and I was thrilled to send it off to such an appreciative home. And then, to my delighted surprise, Tracy sent me a big box full of vintage fabric that once belonged to her grandmother!

A big ole pile of polyester double knit! Some may balk at this but I don't discriminate with vintage fabric, especially some that takes me back to my childhood of plaid polyester pants! I'm planning on making Lyric a pair of pants from that blue and grey plaid and Tigerlily an outfit of her design from the two coral fabrics. But there is a lot of fabric here so I started thinking of other things to do with it. Then it hit me--a rug! Rug-making has been high on my list of things to do and the polyester, super-strong and washable, is perfect for it. So I cut some of the fabric into strips and started crocheting (SO much faster than braiding):

:This will make a really sweet addition to my kids' play area and has inspired me to make a huge one out of some of my vintage wool fabric.

Thanks so much, Tracy!!

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  1. i think skye (or rather Stu) may need a pair of plaid pants to.