Sunday, July 4, 2010

85 Days of Summer: Vacation!

This week (days15 to 21) was our big summer family getaway vacation at our friends' cabin (and our old home) in Northern Vermont, just across the border from the town in New Hampshire where Skye grew up. It was not quite a peaceful as I had hoped (the kids have been crazy lately and the calm and quiet didn't help things too much...) and it was colder than most summer vacations but we had a lovely time nonetheless. Just look at everything we did!
the house on Baptist Hill, where we lived until Lil was 3

we explored the amazing natural world around us

we saw some old friends

we had a fire every night and roasted countless marshmallows

sparklers, too
we went swimming despite the cold

we relaxed, made art and played games

we went out on the town

we took a walk down the road to a favorite old cemetary

Skye and I have been enjoying a restful few days without the kids--they're with their grandparents in NH until Wednesday night! This is the vacation we've really been needing. Though I really do miss my kiddos ;)

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