Monday, May 4, 2009


Carol, Tigerlily and Nelo

It's been another tough week for us (will it ever end?) but I wasn't going to let that cast a shadow on my baby girl's sixth birthday. It's always been important to me to make my kids' birthdays really special, and what that means for us is to be surrounded by lots of people who love them. Even if we did have lots of money for fancy parties and gifts I don't think we would go that route--I want their birthdays to be a celebration of them. Her party was just right, and a happy ending to a not-so-happy week.t.l. in her birthday dress from me, soon replaced by cooler gifts

the crowd

bye bye, balloons!

We fired up the bread oven and made lots and lots of out, pizza in

And, of course, there was dancing.

Tigerlily and Nelo, dancing duo

under the bridge to dance central

solo performance for the boys, especially her biggest fan Dorje up front!

I was so, so, SO thrilled with the amazingly awesome playscape I received as a trade from Mary Ann of Rumpos, and so was Tigerlily (and Lyric for that matter, he'll definitely be needing one, too!). Now we need to hunt down some more of her fairie collection.
And I was touched to see the little handmade gifts her friends gave her with skills they learned during my crafting mornings at school!

dog and pillow by Alexia

Even though this was definitely not an ideal time for Skye and I to be planning and hosting a party I think it was a success. But how could my little baby be 6?!?

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  1. Thanks for the pictures--wish I'd been there. The three amigas are great! Looks like you all had a good time. Love to you all. Nana