Friday, May 22, 2009

she works hard for the money

You know when I've been quiet that I've been hard at work (or tied up in a corner by my pirate children). And I finally have a little something to show for it.
A NYC-themed book for a little boy named George:

:I love it. I want to do an NYC alphabet, though I may need some suggestions and a couple of years to complete it.
My girl off visiting her Nana in Northern New Hampshire so it's just me, Lyric and Skye until Thursday. Having one kid gone makes me think about having some serious kid-free time and we're trying to plan as many playdates as we can for the boy so that we can make some major strides in our respective work. For me that's books (a whole bunch more will be done soon!), for Skye it's a whole lotta rennovation. Here's a bad picture of our almost-done new bathroom:

You either love it or hate it, and I LOVE IT!! More pictures soon!


  1. Bathroom looks good--I might LOVE it! Looking forward to TLil's visit: probably won't be looking at blogs much fo rthe next few days! S

  2. another vote for "totally rad! love it!"
    i need to stop by to see the progress.

    and these new books are of course incredible. lady you do seriously rock!