Thursday, May 14, 2009

boys just wanna have fun, too

I talk about Tigerlily a lot. She's awesome, she's hilarious, she commands the spotlight. But always at her heels and so much like her (maybe a little more easy-going) is my little boy, Lyric. He, too, is awesome, hilarious, and is learning lots from his big sis. He is an amazing little ray of sunshine, he's adorable and super-friendly (you can't walk by him without a "hi!", often also a hug and kiss). He's such a little character in his own right.

He's so expressive and loves to talk with his hands.

He loves to hang out at school with the big boys.He's slowing learning the art of performance from Tige. He's still a bit confused about the hand to the mouth as a faux microphone, he's actually singing through those hands.He loves to wear two completely different shoes.He's becoming such an amazing little person. As if I ever had any doubts that he would with Tigerlily as his role model. Someday he'll be as cool as she is! Maybe with a little less attitude, please?


  1. Well said, Victoria...well said.

  2. Love the eyes, the boots! He looks so focused painting. What a charmer. Tlil looks intent too. Does she ever take her boots off? Love, Nana