Wednesday, May 13, 2009

girls rock!

musicTigerlily has always been a rockstar. She's always been full of attitude and spark and is constantly making up songs and shows to go with them. So when I heard about a documentary about a rock camp for girls run by feminist rockers I quickly put it at the top of my Netflix queue.

Oh my god. It is totally dominating our lives these days. I want to go to rock camp! And, of course, so does Tigerlily. We're seriously looking into sending her in two years when she's old enough. She's determined to go this summer but it will have to be her own rock camp. That girl could totally get her friends to form a band this summer.

Here she is rocking out on a trip to Five Rivers this afternoon:shy at first

opening up

full-on rock

Lyric on drums

Rock on, little girl.


  1. Go Tigerlily!! Just found our mike--will have to set it up when she visits. Love the hair flying. Nana

  2. She looks like she was born to it!

  3. It's like she's living in a musical, she always dances and sings through the grocery store!