Monday, January 11, 2010

backlog: the finale, part 2

It's almost over!

1. A nearly 100% organic book for a little boy named Pedro, 1/2 in English, 1/2 in Spanish.

2. to 5. A set of literary-inspired books for a very literary-minded customer (Warning! Terrible nighttime pictures with flash).

"book" in 7 different languages

dictionary book

An homage to miniature books, 4" x 4"

An homage to the different forms of poetry

6. Many, many coffee cup cozies were made, some for sale, some for giving (and one for me!).

7. A sewing kit for my little girl.

she loved it!

8. Little purses, just for fun.

9. & 10. Monogrammed letter cases, complete with a set of monogrammed cards, envelopes and a pen. One for my cousin, one for my niece (with matching bags for wrapping).

:That's all, folks! I survived, but barely ;) I'll have a few more things to show you by the end of the week.

In the meantime, I am planning on creating some tutorials to post here over the coming year and would love to hear from you about what you'd like to see. Is there something you'd like to hear more about? I really want to make an effort to share more through my blog this year and welcome any and all suggestions.

Have a great week!


  1. Wow, Victoria, what a lot of great stuff! I may have to steal the writing set idea for next year's presents -- or just make one for myself. And I love the sewing kit for your daughter!

    On the previous post, I am pretty thrilled to see the Ramones in a kid's book -- rock bands would be a great set of small wall quilts. I may have to commission one from you when I get my loan check this semester! Love it!

  2. This entire series of backlog posts explains why I haven't seen my BFF in two months - but WOW!!! You amaze me more and more with these beautiful creations...

  3. Beautiful stuff. How creative you are--the purses and letter cases are great expansions of your work. Love, of course, the picture of Tlil best.
    Love, S