Sunday, July 26, 2009

rockin' the place just like a man from the catskills

Yesterday afternoon Skye and I found ourselves with no kids and the offer of a ride out in the country with some friends for thrifting and maybe checking out a waterhole or two. We went down to our favorite little conclave of flea markets south of Albany and found some cool stuff and amazing buys, including these:The most perfect chair for our new place!

So what if I can't have a real card catalog, metal's where it's at!

It was getting hot so we decided to go a bit further south to a really spectacular swimming hole/series of waterfalls that we used to frequent when we lived in Saugerties. But when we got there the usual entry was plastered with posted signs and giant boulders had been plopped along the road in the only places to park. We were bummed but decided to drive up the road that runs up the mountain beside the stream with all of the waterfalls, hoping there might be somewhere else we could hike in. We didn't find a place, but we did find this:
mysterious eye on a rock outcropping along the road

And a bit further up the mountain, this:I guess I kinda miss the country...


  1. That is the BEST idea I've ever seen for storing fat quarters. I'm going to look out for a card catalog now.

    Also, that eye is REALLY cool. I wonder if some artist is carving face parts into random boulders.... I want to find something like that!

  2. That eyeball is everything I hate. But I love you!

  3. This sort of thing is all around in those parts (just outside of Woodstock, NY). A local told us that the guy who carved it is carving Rip Van Winkle into a nearby mountain.