Monday, July 6, 2009

busy bees

It's so nice to be busy enough to be happy and engaged, but not too busy that we're all stressed and scattered. This weekend was a perfect balance of busy and relaxed.

discovering bark

a magical faerie village in the city

Lil's first piece in an art show, at Grand Street Community Arts

impromptu performance of ABBA songs outside the art show

Fireworks from our friends' back porch across the street

...and that's just the first half of the weekend! On Sunday we had a fairly leisurely day and then Skye took Tigerlily to Circus Smirkus, a fantastic kid circus based in Vermont. This is her third year going to the circus and we're hopeful that she'll be interested in attending the camp they run when she's old enough.

Today has been all laundry and grocery shopping. Arugula pesto made for dinner with friends later. Ah, summer!


  1. You and your fam are too cute! Great photo's and I absolutely adore the photo's of your daughter performing it's just precious!

  2. Great performance! Love the fairy houses--good to know they can be found in the city! Love, Nana