Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Picture a Day: Osu!

Lyric has been talking about joining a karate class since he was at least three and I finally got around to signing him up at the beginning of the month. Tigerlily wanted to give it a try too so I signed her up for their introductory 3-lesson course for everyone over age 7. She's never really followed through with anything she's tried before (dance and piano) so I didn't have high hopes. Man, was I wrong!
Tigerlily at the dojo

I have never seen the girl take anything so seriously. The juniors are expected to attend at least 2 classes per week and my girl has asked to go every. single. day since she officially began as a student last Tuesday. She's gone every weekday since then and has become this amazing karate sponge! I am so, so proud of her, not only for her determination to do her best but also for working hard to bring the key principles of her karate practice, self discipline and self control, into her life outside the dojo. It's so exciting to see her confidence grow and to hear those spirited, "Kiai!"s.


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