Thursday, February 24, 2011

Lots of Pictures Today: Valentine's revisited

This year I am all about being ahead of the game, especially with making gifts. So far, so good--I churned out a scarf for for each kid's Valentine's Day gift with plenty of time to spare!

They were a hit and inspired lots of love:

Both patterns (and yarn) are from Morehouse Farm. They turned out super cute, Tigerlily's heart scarf was super quick and easy and I love how the hearts kind of link together when she wears it. The bandit look of Lyric's raccoon scarf is totally killing me! This one took a bit of time, partly because it calls for sport weight yarn. Next time I'm totally using worsted.

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  1. i'm loving all these pictures! tigerlily and lyric are sooo cute(love the winking picture!). hope you guys are all doing well-miss you