Friday, January 21, 2011

Playing catch up

Yup, I'm still alive. This here blog might be on its last legs but I'm determined to rejuvenate it! I have so, so much to share and am brimming with ideas and have just accepted that "the time to blog" will never just appear so I need to make time.

I've been dying to show you the Christmas gift that Skye and I made for Tigerlily for Christmas. It was such a perfect collaboration of his carpentry skills and my sewing skills and we had a blast working on it together. So, of course, it turned out wonderfully!!

Presenting: The Fairy House!

Skye had this hollow tree stump that he thought would be perfect (and it so totally was). He cut off a bit of one side and attached it to the top for the roof, drilled some large holes for windows and made a door. He also added an elevator and made the table, fireplace (complete with firewood!) and bed. So cool!

I made the bendy fairy dolls (with this tutorial--so easy!!), a little fairy hut, lots of leaves (including the leaves on the roof, the leaf sleeping bag, leaf bench, and lots of "throw" leaves), log and bark benches, mushrooms, and scattered logs. I had to stop myself, it was so much fun!


  1. wow that is just fabulous! i bet it was a hit!

  2. Thanks so much Leslie! It was kind of surprising how well it turned out, we totally winged it. But I guess that's how not stressing too much and enjoying yourself works out sometimes :)

  3. @JK Creations

    My kids definitely love it, but the true proof of its awesomeness is that every kid that comes in our house is immediately drawn to it!

  4. Oh my goodness!!!! Can i move into your fairy house?? Please!! It is absolutely wonderful! Is that a stone woodstove? i love the logs, and bed and just everything! Thank you for including my tutorial. i'm totally blown away by your amazing fairy house! i'm so going to have to make my daughter something similar! Love , love, love it!

  5. Perfect! I want to play with it. Love the fireplace and the leaves and mushrooms are great. What fun to work together. A new line????
    Love Nana