Saturday, January 22, 2011

Gifts made and given

Thanks to everyone for the rave reviews on the fairy house! It is definitely a hit around here, too.

While we're on the subject of gifts given this holiday season I thought I would show you more of the gifts we made to give to friends and family this year.

chocolate truffles in handmade origami boxes for the teachers
(paper decorated by the kids before folding)

super yummy apple wine à la Skye

simple and modern candle holder made with this tutorial along with fabric bag wrapping (which has a second life as a baguette bag)

more bread bags for my Mom (who makes the best bread in town)

monogrammed pencil case and notebook set for the cousins

:I feel like I must have gotten the idea for these little notebooks somewhere online this fall but I can't seem to find any tutorial that I referenced. It's not like I invented anything here but it's such a cool idea and so easy to make (with all recycled and vintage materials!) that I think everyone should have a go at making at least a few of these. If folks are interested in hearing my process I'd be happy to share!


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