Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Technical difficulties left and right


I'm a bit sore from falling off the blogging wagon so many times but I've finally got a plan for some holiday-related content, so stay tuned!

In the meantime I just wanted to put a few things out there.

1. I'm more than a bit freaked out about this one: my Etsy convos have gone really wonky. Some messages arrive at their destination but an increasing number do not, or are very late in arriving. I'm not receiving all of the messages that are sent to me, though I have no conclusive evidence of this. The thought of any one of my clients or potential clients thinking I'm ignoring them has me quite upset and I'm really panicked that this is happening at my busiest time.

I reply to each and every convo I receive so if you've sent one to me and haven't heard back please know that I'm not ignoring you, there's simple been a communication breakdown somewhere along the way. My email is exlibrishandmade at gmail dot com and I welcome inquiries there.

2. I'm having another sale! 10% off all items in my shop (custom and readymade!) until November 15. Prices on listings have been discounted (and I have found a new love: etsy on sale). Woo hoo!

That is all ;)


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