Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Playskool tragedy

Well, I've done it again: fallen of the blogging wagon. I think I'll just jump back on with something totally random, shall I?

Each evening after Lyric's been tucked into bed with a story and a song I read to the girl (Harry Potter--we're nearly on book 6, yo!) while she draws at her art space. That girl never ceases to forget to turn lights off when she's done with them, so I nearly always end up going back to shut it off. I had a laugh-out-loud moment the other night when I went back to find this:

:Skye and I had a good laugh, then I turned off the light and started devising my teaching moment for this tragic scene....


  1. i bet i would find a few of these if i went and looked on my sons playmobil table.

  2. Good random posting--I'm chuckling! Nana

  3. Oh my God I am DYING!!!
    -Auntie J