Thursday, October 22, 2009


I recently finished up an order of three books for triplets. The idea of triplets alone is really exciting but I'm really excited about these books.

There's a lot going on with these, from the William Morris covers to the Houston/Texas theme, as well as a page in each book reflecting the parents' professions (dad's a librarian and mom studies speech). All in all I think these will be really special gifts for three really special boys.

Ben's book:

Alex's book (can't find the photo of his cover...):

Teddy's book:


  1. I love "aphasia"! So clever!

  2. Hey there!

    I'm the dad of these little guys and I just wanted to say WOW!

    We just got these last week and we've been showing them off to our friends (all of whom are envious I think :) )

    Thanks for the lovely work!!

  3. I'm the babies' mama, and I love the books. I recognized the Morris fabrics and am in love with the creativity that went into the construction of the books. Thank you and thank any collaborator - aphasia, brain, trachea.

    Simply lovely work for some miracle boys - born at 27 weeks and doing quite well (knock on wood and thanks for prayers answered).

  4. I really love how you're incorporating advanced words into these books - fabulous, they look great, too.