Thursday, September 10, 2009

big news: part 2

This is the biggest news of all--thanks to our awesome friends Matt and Leah, I now have an absolutely amazing studio space outside of my house!Skye built us a huge cutting table!

They have this really gorgeous 3+ story house around the block from us and have only been using the first two stories, though their ultimate plan was to have a studio on the third floor. I've been struggling with working from home and balancing kids/leisure/work and they were so, so kind in offering me the space.
the view out front

the view out back

I've yet to really set it up and settle in but I've already spent a few days up there at the top of the neighborhood and I really, really love it. (Leah, you and I need to make a date to really dig in up there.)

where my fabric will live

Leah and I will be sharing the space and I'm most excited about that. I am really inspired by her and her work and creativity, I really hope having the space there and having me working just upstairs inspires her to jump in, too--you know you're amazing, girl! And there's so much possibility for the space, I feel some pretty exciting things are going to happen up there!

Tigerlily approves


  1. WOW! Great news! Can't wait to see all that you girls create. What wonderful friends.

  2. gosh, that's great! how wonderful to have such generous friends!