Sunday, August 2, 2009

so thankful for my patient friends

My friends are amazing, awesome, kind, inspiring, and, most of all, PATIENT. All of them who have ordered anything from me have had their patience tested--as much as I love them I always seem take forever to finish their books!

It certainly doesn't help that I've been experiencing a bit of sewer's block lately; though I'm definitely still producing lots it's been more of a struggle to get it done. But, look Katie! your order is done!! And they'll be on their way to their respective new homes first thing tomorrow.

horses banner

an R book

And to all of my other friends who are awaiting something from me--this is the week, your wait is almost over!


  1. Ooooohhhh I LOVE both the banner and the book! I will report back when I get the calls from Reese's mom and Abbi. I found out that Abbi played Horseopoly on her birthday so the banner is going to be a huge hit! Thank you so much-you continuously amaze me with your talent.

  2. Well, It's official! Abbi could not have gotten this on a better day. She had a run in with the driveway on her bike so she has had a rough couple of days. This arrived and made her day! They have it hanging up in their living room for now. And not quite 2 years old yet, Reese, has made it clear that the Rhesus monkey is her favorite page! I think you're going to have two new customers...the moms LOVED these gifts! Thanks again Victoria.