Sunday, June 28, 2009

like a snowglobe

You know, turned upside down and shaken all up only to settle again into calmness. That's been our life for the past two weeks (has it been two weeks? Yikes!). Now, at long last, we're starting to feel some stability again. We're finally in our new place after more than a year of working toward it and it's so great, though there was so much drama in the journey that it's feeling a bit surreal right now. Still, we all feel a great lift in our spirits with the move.

Though, sadly, our spirits have also dropped this week with the loss of my dear, wonderful Grandmother who taught me so much. She will be so missed but I am comforted when I remember her and the full life she led. Her legacy of handwork, sewing and craft are carried on by my mother, me, and my children and I'm so proud to continue in the work that filled so much of her life.
My Grandmother, Vincenza

I have much more to share from the past two weeks but for now it will have to be a story in pictures. I will try to post each day this coming week with some of the many custom pieces I have completed lately.
The end of the school year!

two of the littlest students, Lyric and his friend Trixie, decorating the gifts I helped make for the teachers this yearhouseplants with cozies!airdrums during graduation

Summer is here, you never know when you might need a pair of goggles.

Five Rivers never gets old.Last Little League game of the season (right in the middle of our move and of course I couldn't find her uniform).

Tigerlily and Carol in the dugout

An afternoon out with two little boys.

Lyric and Bodhi

at the NYS Museum, right around the corner from our house

Hangin' with the girls (and feeding them lots of mulberries from around the neighborhood!).The first bath in our shiny new green bathroom!


  1. Dearest Victoria,
    This was so worth waiting for. I am so proud of you for so many things, but most especially for your sweet, loving, compassionate nature. I want you to know that Grandma always agreed with me on that (and so much more). Your photos of our little ones are wonderful. Thank you for lifting me up today. I love you so very much, Mom

  2. I'm so sorry about your beautiful Grandma. How wonderful that you are carrying on her many talents.

    Gorgeous pictures of the kids! You are giving them such a fun childhood. Even through the stress of moving and everything else it always looks like everyone is having a great time.