Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A room for the boy

This past spring we fixed up a new room for Tigerlily's 9th birthday surprise; before that she and Lyric shared a tiny, sad little room with a loft.  When she moved into her new space Lyric was left with the sad little room, and I was determined to fix it up just for him someday soon.  Well, the little guy's sixth birthday is coming up this weekend and that time is now! 

Mini door banner--I'll be selling these in the shop soon!
The big picture.  I wish I had more time to make/purchase some things for the walls.  And a cozy beanbag chair for that corner!
The all-important lego space.  We found a vintage tv cart at the junk shop for $5 and spruced it up with some spray paint.  Perfect!
Child-sized chairs are pretty hard to come by at a reasonable price so we made our own!  Skye used some pieces of plywood to slap together fitted tops for two milk crates and I stretched them with batting and pieces of old t-shirts (one of my favorite materials!).  Voila! Seating AND storage.
The loft.  I made the "Love you more" pillow for him because whenever I say, "I love you, kiddo," he says, "I love you more!" and I reply with "No, I love you more!" and it goes on from there.  He's my favorite boy in the whole world ♥
And here he is, the boy in his very own room!!
Man, I love that kid :)

Tune in next week for details of Lyric's amazing science birthday party!!  I had thought I had lost my party planning mojo but this one is shaping up to be my best kid birthday party yet!


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