Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Moving on

No need to dwell on the several months this blog has been neglected, right?  It's just a testament to how busy I've been!

I have tons and tons and TONS of work to share, but also tons and tons of photo editing before that happens.  For now I'll share a little home improvement we finished recently: a new room for my newly-turned-nine-year-old girl!

 I had such a great time creating this room for my girl and fulfilling my preteen dream of being an interior decorator! Almost everything in the room is handmade or secondhand.  I only bought the duvet cover and the lamp on the dresser retail, plus a few prints from Etsy--the bike and two others yet to come.  The chandelier was bought at our local Habitat Re-Store and painted green, the bed was free from a neighbor, the dresser was found on Craigslist, the little red doll dresser and the record player were thrifted, and I bought the rug at a church rummage sale for $1.50 (!).  The desk was mine at Tigerlily's age and my Father's before me.  I made all of the pillows, the curtain and the name banner on the door. 
Success ;) 

 We also had a nature themed birthday party for Tigerlily at a favorite local park, complete with a short hike and lots of stream exploring.  I was far too caught up in the festivities to really get any good shots but I can show you the invitations!

Add party planning to my list of missed callings!

The Annual Birthday Mix
Can't believe my girl is NINE!


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