Saturday, September 3, 2011


As a last hoorah of summer Tigerlily got it in her head that she MUST have a bake/lemonade sale. Her determination won us over and plans were made. She decided on her menu (which we whittled waaay down), made a shopping list, figured out what everything cost (with some help; math is not her strong suit), made signs and decorations, and of course led the effort to make everything. She and a few friends had a blast selling all of the treats and in the end made $31.65! I was impressed. She's still not decided what exactly she'll do with the money though she has promised at least half to help with some local flood relief efforts.

I love that this whole experience was such a great homemade learning experience, the perfect way to segue from summer into the start of school next week! And we're extra excited this year because, in addition to attending the Albany Free School, Tigerlily will be doing some home learning with me one morning (and maybe one afternoon) each week! I have lots to share about this exciting new adventure in the next few weeks.

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  1. Sounds exciting--maybe more bake sales would help with math skills!!! A good way to learn. Have fun home schooling--wish I was there to do some too!
    Love, Nana