Friday, June 10, 2011

Summer already?!?

It's official: today was the last day of school and graduation at The Free School and the kids are home until September! I'm completely unprepared but realize that I will always feel unprepared for this huge change in our schedules and am determined to embrace it and make this the best summer ever!
Unfortunately blurry photo of my girl singing Like a Prayer at graduation. This year she received the "Put another dime in the jukebox baby" award--pretty apt!

As is my yearly tradition I made gifts for all of the staff at the (small) school because they all play a part in teaching/learning with my kids. I like to change it up each year (last year was personalized tote bags) and this year decided to do a bit of cross stitch after finding a bunch of perfect, simple, fun-to-stitch patterns from the awesome Etsy seller andwabisabi. So I made embroidered hoops for the teachers and zipper pouches for the interns. And even though I began this project this past winter I was finishing it this morning, true to form. Granted, it was a lot of stitching:
another inexplicably blurry photo--what is wrong with my camera?!?

This pile of poo was given in deepest admiration, honest! It's a long story :)

And with that another school year ends. Next fall Tigerlily will be in 3rd grade and Lyric will be in Kindergarten! I cannot believe it. Though I can believe that Lyric is finally old enough to go to a local day camp this summer :)

Skye's up in the Adirondacks this weekend for a bike race so I'm flying solo with the kids for the next two nights. Tonight we watched Jurassic Park which was actually way too scary and I nearly turned it off more than once but they made it through and now want to learn everything there is to know about dinosaurs. Awesome, me too! First stop: up to the Museum tomorrow to check out the dinosaurs that lived in our backyard!

Here's to the summer of '11: the best summer ever! What do you have planned?

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  1. She's so, so pretty--and talented too! Free-school teachers are so lucky to have you as a Mom, Victoria! Love to all, Nana