Monday, April 26, 2010

Let's just move on, shall we?

I've faced this blank screen many a time over the past couple of weeks, wondering where to begin with all that has happened in the month and a half since I last posted. It's a daunting task, too daunting for someone as scattered as myself. I'll show you some of the work I've managed to complete but otherwise let's just move on, shall we? I promise to be a bit more regular in my posting.

For now here are some glimpses into the last several weeks.

marching to save our state parks

all dressed up and going to see Annie


Earth Day chorus

serious bike fever

...and a certain someone who's turning 7 next week!


  1. Great pictures!!!! I miss my friends. Love, Nana

  2. Forgot to say, Bru (and I) especially like the mirror picture of mother and daughter!

    Who are the 5 superfriends? Is the one right next to Lil, Carol? Tigerlily looks so happy holding the words and singing!

  3. Superfriends: Tigerlily, Carol, Nelo, Starfish, Aurora