Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Doing my part

It's been a month since Hearts for Haiti hit the ground running and, though things have slowed down to a much more manageable pace, we're still going strong! Last night I was overjoyed to post that we have raised $30,012.19 for Doctors Without Borders in Haiti!!

It has been rather painful to watch the shop fill up with such gorgeous items and then watch so many of my very favorites sell before I could snatch them up. I finally have a bit of extra cash and have been able to pick up a few really wonderful finds. Here they are!

1. Vintage Atlas Envelope Seals from KisforCalligraphy:

I definitely have a soft spot for hearts, vintage paper goods, AND calligraphy, so this one was a no-brainer. The lovely Katy also created our beautiful Hearts for Haiti banner and avatar/logo and has been so very generous with her donations to the shop. I'm looking forward to purchasing more of her beautiful wares soon!

2. Hearts for Haiti Brooch from Sandhra Lee:

This gorgeous brooch was pointed out to me by a fellow team member when I was writing the answers to my Storque interview and I fell in love. I was sorry to see that it had already sold, so when I saw that the seller had donated another recently I didn't hesitate to buy it right away! I'm excited to have this as a reminder of the amazing time I've spent with Hearts for Haiti.

3. I ♥ Haiti kid's tshirt from The Cotton Cupcake Shoppe:

I LOVE this one. I bought one for Lyric and am going to try it on Tigerlily to see if maybe I can order one for her, too, but I think she might be too big. This donor's shop is filled with many more really adorable things, too!

4. Mini Terrarium from pickledaliens:

I have always wanted to have a terrarium collection and now I'm finally starting it! I love how tiny this is--3.5"!!

5. Vintage brass locket from The Creative Block:

Shhhh! This one's a birthday gift for the Annie-obsessed Tigerlily.

:That's my haul so far!! There are still so many amazing finds in the shop, I'll be back to share some of my favorites tomorrow!


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